Classroom Policies

  • Classroom Policies

    World Geography/ Honors World Geography


    Teacher: Adam Jones

    Room: 111

    School Phone: 972-203-4600


    Conference: 2A

    Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year. I am looking forward to an exciting year! Your success in Social Studies and life is very important to me. I will be glad to help you succeed in any way that I can. Feel free to schedule a time to see me during my conference period and before or after school.


    Class Rules:

    •   Come to class prepared and ready to learn. Class time is very important – don’t waste it.
    •   Respect others and their property
    •   No food, candy, or drinks allowed in the classroom other than a water bottle.
    •   School rules apply in the classroom and will be enforced.



    Cell Phone Policy:

    • Phones are a great resource and tool students can use for learning. Cell phone usage in my class is limited to allowed times by the teacher. Any other uses will result in the cell phone to be taken up for the remainder of the class. If problem continues, I will keep the cell phone until the end of the day. If your parent needs to reach you have them call the office and they will call the student to the office.


    Supply List:

    •   Spiral note book (with perforated edges)
    •   Sharpened pencils or pens
    •   Map colors



    All homework papers must have your name, date, period. Math problems should always be neatly written in pencil. You may use both sides of your paper. If your paper is sloppy, it will not be graded.


    Grading Procedures:

    Homework – Homework questions will be answered in class. Assignments will be checked for completeness, and select problems will be checked for accuracy. Homework assignments will count as a daily grade.

    POLICY FOR LATE WORK: If work is not received on time, then ten points will be deducted for every day that it is late (up to 50 points). You may turn in a paper before 8:00 a.m. after the day it is due and receive full credit. Exceptions will be approved at the discretion of the teacher.

    Quizzes – Quizzes may be given at any time over material that has already been taught. Quizzes will count as 35% of your 9 weeks grade.

    Tests – Tests will be announced ahead of time and will usually come after the completion of a Unit. These will count as test grades. If you fail a test, you may schedule a re-test for a maximum grade of 75 instead of 100.

    Projects – Projects will count as test grades.

    CheatingANY CHEATING RESULTS IN A ZERO. Copying another student’s homework will result in zeroes for both students. Copying from a website or other sources is also cheating and will result in a zero.


    Grades will be averaged according to the following:


    Daily 25%          Test 40%        Quizzes/Intermediate 35%        


    Semester Exam 15% of semester grade


    You will receive a progress report every 3 weeks. If you want to keep up with your average throughout the year, you will need to keep a grade sheet in your notebook or check grades online.


    Make-up Work:

    You will be responsible for getting any assignments that you missed. If you missed learning a new lesson, you can either get another student to explain the lesson to you or schedule a time to get tutorials for me during Activity period. Make-up work must be turned in before the next test. If you miss a quiz or test due to an excused absence, then you will be expected to take the make-up test within three days of your return to school. If you do not take care of your missed work in a timely manner, you will receive a zero!


    To be successful in social studies requires daily practice and homework. Assignments will be reasonable in length and will usually be started in class. Any work not completed in class will need to be finished at home. Remember that zeros and low test grades hurt your average the most, so do your homework!

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