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    Cody Stutts
    World Geography, Government, Economics, Varsity Football, Freshman Basketball, Track 
    Sunnyvale High School
    Tutorials: Tues & Wed 7:15 or
    by appointment
    Mon & Wed 10:30-12


    Classroom Resources:

    Platform is Google Classroom
    3A: Personal Finance/Psychology-  4lejz2l
    4A: Government/ Economics- oke1i2
    5A: Government/Econoimcs- 54xp6ia

    6B: Honors Government/Honors Economics- ogisqgx
    7B: Personal Finance/Psychology- 9c8ant

     Each student has been assigned their online textbook log in. The Website log in is: My.hrw.com


    Tutoring Times:

    Tues 7:15, or by appointment 

    Wed After School, or by appointment 

     Weekly Class Objectives: Week of September 24th-28th
    Personal Finance 
    Unit 3-Budgeting
    Taking responsibility for personal financial decisions.
    Make financial decisions by systematically considering alternatives and consequences. 
    Develop a plan for spending and saving. 
    Develop a system for keeping and using financial records. 
    Desribe how to use different payment methods.
    Apply consumer skills to purchase decisions.
    Develop a personal financial plan. 
    Chapter 3: The US Constitution
    Formal Assessment over Early US government, Origins of government, and US government. 
    Introduction to Federalism.  

    Important Due Dates for Major Projects and Tests: 


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