• In my classes I use a flipped classroom structure. This structure means we will flip the way we use our time. The typical teaching structure is when a teacher uses class time to lecture and then sends the students home to practice. This structure can be a disadvantage in a math class. If a student doesn't understand a lesson in class and is then sent home to practice it, they are unable to complete the assignment since they didn't understand it to begin with. In a flipped classroom, the lectures will be done at home and "homework" will be done in class. 
    What will I be doing at home?
    At home, you will be watching lessons that I have made on videos. You will be able to pause, rewind, or re-watch the videos if needed. As you watch these videos, you will be taking notes just like you would in class. You will show me your notes for a grade when you come to class.
    What will I be doing in class?
    Your time in class will look different on some days. One day you might just have a worksheet whereas the next day you might have a group project or partner scavenger hunt. The purpose of whatever we may do in class is for you to be able to practice what you learned in the notes videos.
    How can I be successful with a flipped classroom?
    A flipped classroom is only beneficial to your success IF you utilize it the way it is intended. When watching your notes videos, be sure you are watching AND listening as well as pausing and rewinding when something doesn't make sense. If the video asks you to pause it and attempt a certain problem, make sure you actually do so.
    Will all of my assignments be notes videos?
    No. Anytime we are reviewing for a test you will receive a test review to practice the concepts for your test on your own. You also will not have notes videos during an ELU.
    Can I still come to tutoring even though our "homework" is done in class?
    Yes! Please still come to tutoring when something is not making sense...even if you come after you've already turned in an assignment.