Dear Parents,


    I am so pleased to have your child in English this year.  Dual Credit English is a challenging course taught at a rigorous level in order to prepare students for writing in their more advanced and specialized college courses that will follow.  I can personally attest to the benefits of dual credit classes, as I took them myself when I was in high school.  Most students view Dual Credit English as a way to get their English requirement “out of the way.”  While this is partially true, the benefits also lie in the fact that students are able to take a difficult college course in the traditional school setting to which they are accustomed with greater access to and help from the teacher, as well as maintained communication between the teacher and the parent.  It can also help financially, saving you the thousands of dollars it would cost to gain the same 9 hours of English credit at a university.


    Since your child had a summer reading assignment, you are probably already aware that the Dual Credit program requires more from students than the on-level English class.  Reading is done outside of class, so your child will almost always have something he or she should be reading.  There will also be minor and major writing assignments that students will work on both in and out of class.  This class is a major time commitment, and that can be tough for some students, especially those involved in extracurricular activities and other high level courses.  I am definitely not saying that students who are highly involved cannot handle the class; I just want you and your child to be aware of the level of dedication it will take to get through, as well as take the opportunity to stress the importance of your student’s open communication with me.  Taking advantage of “office hours” or tutoring times will be essential to many students’ success. 


    My website will be updated by unit with a brief description of what is going on in class.  I will also continually discuss reading and due date schedules with students in class, and though it is not required, they may find that keeping a planner is helpful. 


    Students will receive a syllabus on the first day of class that outlines major units to be covered, supplies they will need, and important information regarding class content and policies.  You may want to discuss this with him or her. 


    I love staying in touch with my students’ parents/guardians.  If you ever have any questions, I want you to feel comfortable contacting me.  E-mail is the best, quickest method of communication, and I can be reached at sara.mclaughlin@sunnyvaleisd.com.  I will return your email as soon as possible.  I would also appreciate having your email address/phone number.  Please complete the form located on my school website under the “Parent Information” section located on the left.


    I am here to help, so if I can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I know it’s going to be a great year! 


    Thank You,


    Sara McLaughlin