• 7th/8th Grade Class Expectations

    Students will be given time between each class rotation. Due to the close
    proximity of the classrooms, students should have plenty of time to get to
    class. Students in the hallway without a pass after the bell may be
    considered tardy.
    Students should be respectful of their teachers, their peers, and school property at all times.
    Food, Drink and Gum- 
    Gum will not be allowed on the middle school campus at any time by students,
    faculty, or staff. Students will not be allowed to have food or drinks in the
    classroom during the school day. Water will only be permitted in the classroom
    with a medical consent.
    Backpacks will be allowed in the classroom to help transport supplies. Students
    who frequently forget their classroom supplies may be asked to speak with their
    teacher(s) to come up with a plan to resolve the situation.
    Interactive Student Notebook-
    Students will keep their interactive spiral notebook (ISN) in class each day.  
    Spirals will be allowed to come home before assessments or anytime assignments
    need to be completed.  Students may also bring them home to show parents
    assignments that may be glued inside.  The expectation is that if spirals are taken
    home they must be brought back the next day.  We use them daily!