• SISD Letter to Community Regarding State Accountability
    Dear SISD Community, 

    House Bill (2804), as passed by the Texas Legislature in 2015, requires changes to the state accountability system. The bill requires that schools be assigned A–F rating labels to describe district and campus performance. Districts and campuses will receive a rating of A, B, C, D, or F in each of five domains, as well as an overall rating. The changes will officially take effect in 2018.  However, a preliminary progress report of the first four domains will be released in January of 2017.  Based upon a letter from the Commissioner of Education dated December 16, 2016, the system is still in development, and districts will receive the final rules about the system in the spring of 2018. The first three domains of the system (55% of the overall score) focus on student performance on the STAAR/EOC exams. The system domains, as currently proposed, are described below:

    Domain I: Student Performance (combined with Domain II for 35% of overall rating)

    The purpose of this domain is to measure the percentage of all students that receive a satisfactory score on their STAAR/EOC exam. Higher points are earned for students that achieve post-secondary ready and/or advanced level scores.

    Domain II: Student Progress  (combined with Domain I for 35% of overall rating)

    The goal of Domain II is to reflect the percentage of students meeting expected progress

    from one year to the following. Additional points are recorded for students exceeding projected progress.


    Domain III: Closing Performance Gaps (20% of overall rating)

    Domain III focuses on the performance of students categorized as economically disadvantaged. The proposed system has recommended cut scores that vary depending upon the district percentage of economically disadvantaged students. Districts with lower percentages of economically disadvantaged students, such as SISD, are expected to achieve higher scores in order to receive a passing grade.

    Domain IV: Postsecondary Readiness (35% of overall rating)

    The intent of this domain is to measure student preparedness for college, industry, and/or military settings. However, preliminary reports indicate that elementary and middle school measures will focus on percentage of days students are present at school and the district/campus dropout rate.  The calculations differ based upon the classification of the campus.

    Elementary schools will be graded based upon the percentage of students that were present for 90% or more of the school days in 2014-2015, also known as the chronic absenteeism rate.

    Middle school grades will be based upon the same chronic absenteeism percentage (50%), with the addition of the percentage of students that have not dropped out of school (50%).

    High school grades will be based upon:
    • Graduation rate (10%)

    • 14-15 graduates that have accomplished at least one of the following: completed sequence of CTE courses, completed 12 or more college hours, completed one or more AP/IB courses, and/or met TSI benchmark scores (20%)

    • Types of graduation plans (5%)

    Domain V: Community and Student Engagement (10% of overall rating)

    The remaining 10% of the system will be locally defined, through local rating
    instruments. Each campus and district will select three indicators, from their local
    instrument, to report to the state. This domain will not be publicly reported until 2018.

    Details of our local system have been posted and may be found on our website.
    15-16 Sunnyvale ISD Community Report: https://www.sunnyvaleisd.com/Page/6586
    15-16 SISD Rating and Accountability System: https://www.sunnyvaleisd.com/Page/6726


    In SISD, we put students first, seek to meet individual needs, and strive to prepare students for their future. We believe that true accountability should be defined locally through a holistic approach, rather than a set of complex calculations that are in the midst of development. We are hopeful that the legislature will make revisions to the proposed system in the upcoming session, as a majority of this system remains focused on snapshots of student performance on the STAAR/EOC exams. Our school board recently approved a resolution related to this legislative priority. More information may be found atwww.texasstudentsmatter.com. We will keep you updated as we learn more about this new accountability system.

    Thank you for sharing your students with us,


    Doug Williams


    Sunnyvale ISD