MAP- Measures of Academic Progress

  • MAP- Measures of Academic Progress

    The MAP tests are achievement measures in mathematics and reading that are delivered to the students on the computer.  Students view each question on the computer screen, then select an answer using the mouse or the keyboard.  Unlike fixed form paper and pencil tests with a wet group of items, the MAP test adjusts to each student's performance, allowing an appropriate test to be developed for that student.  Because of this technology, the MAP testing system is able to accommodate and accurately assess students at a variety of achievement levels.  

    The MAP RIT Scale

    The RIT Scale is a curriculum scale that uses individual item difficulty values to estimate student achievement.  An advantage of the RIT scale is that it can relate the numbers on the scale directly to the difficulty of items on the tests.  In addition, the RIT scale is an equal interval scale.  Equal interval means that the difference between scores is the same regardless of whether a student is at the top, bottom, or middle of the RIT scale, and it has the most educational tests, are build from data about the performance of individual examinees on individual items.

    The RIT score has a range from 95-300.  The scores are not specific to a grade level but are continuous making it possible to use RIT scores to follow a student's educational growth from year to year.  

    MAP tests produce scores that make it possible to monitor student frowth from year to year along developmental curriculum scales.  The RIT Charts show examples of the kinds of work students can do at various points along the NWEA RIT scale, assuming they have been exposed to the content.  This type of information is helpful in supporting appropriate instruction.


    General MAP Questions

    When will my student be tested and how often?

    • At Sunnyvale Elementary, each student will be testing in the fall, winter and spring.

    Do all students in the same grade take the same test?

    • NWEA assessments arew designed to target a student's academic performance.  The tests arew tailored to an individual's current achievement level.  This gives each student a fair opportunity to show what he or she knows and can do.  The questions adjusts in difficulty of the questions so that each student takes a unique test.  

    How long does it take to complete a test?

    • Although the tests are not timed, it usually takes a student about one hour to complete each test.


    MAP Resources

    MAP Parent Toolkit from NWEA-MAP

    MAP Normative Data for each grade and Fall, Winter, and Spring