SHS Tutoring
    So many students have a negative outlook on tutoring, but tutoring can have a powerful impact on student learning. According to Oxford Learning, students can improve attitude toward school, encourage self-directed learning, improve self-esteem and confidence, improve work and study habits, help overcome learning obstacles, encourage freedom to ask questions, increase ability to manage own learning and improve overall academic performance. 
    SHS teachers provide tutoring at least two days each week outside of the normal school day. Dates and times may be found on each teacher's webpage. Activity period is also used for tutoring Monday - Thursday 8:39 am - 9:07 am.
    My office is available to all students who are needing help in the following areas:
    1) Organizational skills
    2) Study skills
    3) Tutoring plans
    Tutoring Myths
    1) I can't go to tutoring because I have athletics before or after school. NOT TRUE. Coaches are willing to allow students to attend tutoring first. They just ask that a student give them prior communication letting them know where the student is. 
    2) Tutoring is only for students that struggle. NOT TRUE. All students can benefit from tutoring and getting individualized help on classwork. 
    3) I went to tutoring but my teacher wasn't there. YOU CAN STILL GET HELP. There are many teachers in the building that will assist you. One are is the Raider Lab. 
    4) I can't stay after school because I don't have transportation home. NOT TRUE. SISD provides a bus for students that stay after school for tutoring. Tutoring bus departs SHS at 4:00 PM on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.