•  6th & 7th Grade ELAR
    Staff Website/Alerts
    My website will provide you with current information, test reviews, announcements, calendars, philosophies,technology resources and other general information related to what is going on in our class. Please SUBSCRIBE to my website and check it periodically to stay up to date. You may also subscribe to Remind text alerts for reminders about our tests and quizzes and the other important things that you may want to know.
    Daily Assignments
    Students must submit all classwork and homework to the assignment baskets in Mrs. Teel's classroom on the due date. Their full name and class period should be on all assignments. 
    • Note: Some assignments may be assigned and completed within the class period. Assignments started in class and not finished will become homework. Other assignments may be required to be completed strictly outside of class.
    • ELU Progress Checks - Progress checks made throughout the duration of an ELU will weight the same as daily grades.
    Tests/Major Grades
    • Unit assessments will be given at the end of each unit. Weight of assessments will following the grade level grading policy set forth bythe district.
    • Major Grades/Projects/ELU Final Group Grade - Assignments that fall into this category will also weight the same as assessments. Students and parents will be notified if an assignment falls into the Major Grade/Projects category.
    Late Work- 
    Any assignment submitted late will be subject to a point deduction from the student's final grade.
    • 1 or more days LATE: 
    Mrs. Teel's Tutoring
    • Tutoring  - During tutoring sessions students will be working on specific standards and goals. Students will be notified if they are expected to attend a tutoring session after school. In the event tutoring must be cancelled, an alert will be sent out via Remind and directly via email if possible, plus your child will be ask to call you for notification of the tutoring cancellation. Tutoring for 2018-2019 is TBA.