• Outdoor Adventures is a fun and exciting co-ed course.  Students are taught life-long skills by using integrated curriculum of science, math, writing, critical thinking skills, and computer technology.  The focus is on outdoor activities such as: archery, orienteering, survival skills, first aid/CPR, trip planning, angling, tackle crafts, hiking, backpacking, camping, outdoor cooking, conservation/environmental issues and certifications through the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department (TPWD).  Other outdoor games such as horseshoes, disc golf, ladder ball, and golf may also be introduced.

    Sunnyvale Middle School is very fortunate to be able to offer this course.  The Dallas Ecological Foundation (DEF), the charitable non-profit arm of the Dallas Safari Club, proudly sponsors this outdoor adventure program in over fifty public schools.  Their goal is to get the youth, along with a parent, involved in outdoor activities.  They are committed to each school having a quality program as well.

    Outdoor Adventures:
       1.  Challenge Course 
       2.  Hunter Education
       3.  Angler Education
       4.  NASP Archery
       5.  Camping
       6.  Outdoor Cooking
       7.  Orienteering and GPS
       8.  Boater Education
       9.  Survival Skills
       10. CPR/First Aid 
    Course fee:$20.00
    Hunter Education Certification: $15.00
    Boater Education Certification: $20.00