Dual Credit Biology

    Summer Reading 2018


    The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks


    This book is required reading.


    You can find it online or you may rent one of my copies (first come, first serve) for $10 (cash).


    You will be tested on characters and content the first week of school: Friday 8/24/18


    You will also complete a writing assignment tying the book to the content covered in the first couple chapters of the course: due Friday 8/31/18

    Writing assignment information will be posted in Google Classroom 8/17/18.


    You will also participate in 5 FlipGrid discussions with specific prompts.  You will receive more information on that on the first day of class.

    Grading Criteria is as follows: (100 points total)

    Reading Assessment = 38 points

    Characters = 18 points

    Important Events = 20 points


    FlipGrid Discussions = 25 points

    5 responses = 5 points each


    Writing Assignment = 37 points

    Content depth = 12 points

    Vocabulary usage = 5 points

    Essay organization = 5 points

    Logical and purposeful writing = 10 points

    Grammatical correctness = 5 points