Dual Credit Biology

    Summer Reading 2019


    This is a required assignment worth 100 points


    You will choose a science fiction book to read and prepare a book report over.  

    The book must have enough science content for you to have 3-5 concepts to discuss in your report.

    Your book must be approved, via email (stasia.armstreet@sunnyvaleisd.com), by Friday 8/2/19.


    Your book report will be due the first week of school: Friday 8/23/19.

    The template for the report will be posted in Google Classroom (class code im26pre).


    You will also create a FlipGrid providing a quick review of your book, and a “sales pitch” on why your peers would benefit from reading the book you chose.

    FlipGrid link = https://flipgrid.com/857bfcc9 (also will be posted in Google Classroom).

    This will be due by Sunday 8/25/19.

    Grading Criteria is as follows: (100 points total)

    Book Report  = 75 points

    • Cover Page = 5 points
    • Introduction = 10 points
    • Setting = 10 points
    • Characters = 10 points
    • Plot = 10 points
    • Opinion = 10 points
    • Science Content = 20 points

    FlipGrid Review = 25 points

    • Book Review = 10 points
    • Sales Pitch = 15 points (creativity will help here)