• IPC stands for Integrated Physics and Chemistry.  
    The course will cover content related to both of those physical science areas.
    Specific topics covered in this course include: 
     *** The pace is merely a suggestion.  We will move at a pace and rigor suitable for the individual students in the course. 

    Course Outline 1st Semester (Chemistry)

    ·         Laboratory Management

    ·         Organization of Matter

    ·         Changes is Matter

    ·         Chemical Reactions

    ·         Environmental Impact of Chemical Reactions

    ·         Solutions

    Course Outline 2nd Semester (Physics)

    ·         Motions: Position, Speed, Acceleration

    ·         Motion: Forces and Momentums

    ·         Energy: Potential and Kinetic

    ·         Energy: Waves

    ·         Energy: Electricity

    ·         Energy: Conversions and Conservations

    ·         Energy: Societal Impacts


    We will also incorporate the study and practice of growth mindset, literacy strategies, and real-world application of science concepts.