• Membership in NJHS is an honor; in fact, to prove worthy of the honor, members of this national society must meet the following obligations:
    1. Service:
         a. Chapter Service Projects - All members participate and promote the NJHS Group Service Projects. We will plan to have one group project each semester.
         b. Individual Service Projects - All members independently complete an additional 5 hours of service each quarter or 10 hours during the summer. Examples of how this service may be completed: for a church group, a scout group, a community volunteer effort, and/or opportunities offered at SMS.
    2. Scholarship: As an Honor Society, we have high expectations for academic performance. NJHS members must maintain a 90% cumulative average in core classes each quarter.
    3. Leadership: Members of NJHS act as student leaders, providing a positive role model to other SMS students.
    4. Citizenship: All members comply with school rules. Office referrals, detentions, or suspension for behavior issues are not acceptable for members of NJHS.
    5. Character: Members of NJHS strive to develop the following character traits: responsibility, respect, patience, courage, caring, integrity, self-control, cooperation, and perspective.
    Further Obligations:
    1. Dues: SMS NJHS members pay a annual chapter due of $15.00. These dues help fund Chapter renewal fees, T-shirts, etc.
    2. Meeting Attendance: Members are expected to attend all scheduled monthly membership meetings. Members who cannot attend a scheduled meeting must provide a written excuse to the Chapter advisor(s).