• Parents, please take a couple of minutes and complete this info sheet about your child.  Thanks!  Student info sheet


    Classroom Expectations

    1. Be on time and prepared for class.

    2. Have all materials necessary to work in class.

    3. Be actively involved in the lesson.

    4. Be responsible for turning in assignments and make-up work on time.

    5. Respect for people and property is expected.  Zero tolerance for disrespect.

    6. Hard work is always noticed, in or group or solo... give 110% at all times.

    Supplies Necessary For Honors Science Class

    1- 100 sheet Composition Notebook

    Glue or tape, scissors, colored pencils

    1 small ream of colored "computer" paper 
    Cell Phones
    Cell phones can be useful in the educational setting; however, the reality of the situation 
    is that students often give in to the temptation to use them in unauthorized ways (texting, 
    games, social media, etc).  This has been a growing issue in our student body, as well as 
    across the nation, to the point that it causes major problems in the learning environment.
    For this reason, I do not allow them to have their cell phones out during class except for 
    the RARE times when I allow them to use smartphones for educational or designated
    purposes.  If students need to contact a parent, they should as permission first.  At that
    point we can arrange the method they can do so.  
    Supplies Necessary STEM Classes
    1-Thumb Drive (16-gb minimum)
    (as we move along throughout the year, STEM classes will be required to provide
    some supplies to build/create a variety of different projects) 
    1-Composition Notebook

    Honors Science Curriculum Breakdown:

    1st Nine Weeks:   Unit 01: Atoms & Periodic Table

                                  Unit 02: Chemical Formulas, Equations, and Reactions                                                        
    2nd Nine Weeks: Unit 03: Force and Motion / Newton’s Laws
                                  Unit 05: Forces That Change Earth                       
    3rd Nine Weeks:  Unit 04: Global Weather Patterns
                                  Unit 06: Investigation the Sun, Moon, & Earth
                                  Unit 07: Components of the Universe                         
    4th Nine Weeks:  Unit 08: Components of the Universe (continued)
                                  Unit 09: Interdependence Among Living Systems
                                  STAAR Review 

                                  Final Unit: Introduction to Biology

    Homework Policy

    Homework is not very often. Most products in class with be able to be completed IN CLASS.  We will have projects that will need to be worked on beyond our class time.  This will probably cause homework.  Also, anything not completed in class will need to be finished at home, but there will almost always be enough time in class. 


    Grading Policies

    Daily Work = 55%

    • “No Name” papers will have 30 points deducted from them with the option to earn those points back.

    • “Late Work” will have 30 points deducted from the assignment. 

    Tests/Quizzes = 45%


    Correction Policy 
    • Failing daily grades can be corrected for up to a 70 on the assignment. This does not include Incomplete work.
    • Failing test grades can be corrected for up to a 70 per district policy.

    Tutoring Schedule (Subject to change throughout the school year)

    • 1st Quarter:  By appointment during lunch 
    • During FLEX time or lunch by appointment


    To keep parents "in the know", Remind 101, SISD app, 8th-grade website.  Google Classroom is utilized in this class and will be the place your student can access every powerpoint and keep up with assignments.  This is great for if they need to miss a day of school. 


    Parents, please take a couple of minutes and complete this info sheet about your child.  Thanks!  Student info sheet