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    • "M" means the student has a missing assignment, but it can still be submitted for credit. If the "M" is not related to an absence or if it is excessively late, points may be deducted from the grade when it is submitted.
    •  If a grade is recorded as a "0" in the grade book, the deadline is extremely past due and can not be submitted. All "M" assignments will be changed to a "0" at or before the end of each term.
    • Students should not wait until the last week of the term to discuss grades with their teacher(s), they should try to discuss any grade issues that need be adjusted or reconsidered within a week after the assignment has been graded and posted. 
    • Assignments that are submitted on time will be graded within about a week of their due date. If it is a written research paper/essay or large project, the assignment will be graded and updated online within about 2 weeks of the due date. 
    • Grades that are submitted late will not take precedence over current assignments, and are typically updated about a week after it is submitted.
    • Most assignments in class can be reprinted or found in Google Classroom if students ever need some resources or extra copies.
    • Grades are updated online sometime between Sunday night and Tuesday morning of each week, depending on meeting and conference schedule.