• What are some career you can pursue if using ASL?
    - American Sign Language Teacher 
    - Deaf Education TEacher 
    - Audiologist 
    - Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP)
    - Advocate 
    - Deaf-Blind Intervener 
    - Lawyer 
    - Nurse 
    - Doctor 
    - Secretary
    - Receptionist 
    - Police Officer 
    - Social Worker 
    - Early Childhood Intervener 
    - Psychologist
    - Counselor 
    - Childcare Worker 
    - Linguist and Researcher 
    - Travel Agent 
    - Insurance and Fiance Broker 
    - Real Estate Agent 
    Do you want to know which colleges will offer ASL classes and maybe even a degree related to ASL?! Please view links below! FYI, if you are pursuing any of the following five degrees below, you will must choose your college carefully. You do not want to end up in a college that does not serve those degree which may cause you the inability to pass certification exam nor obtain a career. You must go to a college that is specifically designed to make you highly adept and fluent in those languages. Those careers are the ones that has the most heavy interaction and exposure around deaf people. 
    Deaf Education Degrees
    American Sign Language Degrees (Usually for ASL teachers) 
    Linguistic Degrees (University of Austin offer ASL Linguistic Degree) 
    American Sign Language Interpreter Degrees
    Speech-Pathologist or Audiologist Degrees 
    Here's a link that shows you where you can obtain the following degrees above: ASL College Degrees 
    Here's two links that shows different colleges that accept ASL as a foreign language credit for any degree including occupations such as lawyers, travel agent, etc. Please view chart above at the top for other possible careers.