American Sign Language Honor Society Club (ASLHS Club) is a chapter under a national organization called American Sign Language Teacher Association. 

    Its primary mission is to is to encourage and recognize high academic achievement in ASL studies for high school and college/university students. Like honor societies for other languages, the ASLHS seeks to enrich the overall learning experience of those studying ASL. The organization offer possible chances such as: 

    • Awarding medals and certifications based on academic achievement
    • Encouraging students to use ASL within the local community through service learning
    • Hosting the annual ASL Literature competition, featuring cash prizes
    • Awarding competitive scholarships to students studying ASL in college
    • Supporting ASL Teachers to obtain equipment and materials to improve ASL teaching on campus

    We also have an officer meeting once a month. We chose and plan together 1-3 ASL social events per month. Some of the ASL social events examples that we have done in the past are bowling, Hot Dogs and game night, Ice Cream Social, and etc. Also, every now and then ASLHS members get the opportunity to go on field trips to recieve life experiences in the Deaf Community. If you're interested in becoming a member, please contact me at rebekah.covington@sunnyvaleisd.com to find out how you can qualify! 

    WE ROCK!!!