All students who failed a test are required to make test corrections within a week of getting their test grade back.
    Students who have to make test corrections need to make arrangements with me to come before school or during FLEX time
    All tests/quizzes can be corrected for up to a 70 per district policy. 
    Unit Test correction will be done using This Test Correction Form.
    Quizzes will be corrected in the following manner on Notebook paper:
    1. Only correct the questions you miss.
    2. Write the question.
    3. Write the complete incorrect answer you chose.
    4. Write the complete correct answer.
    5. Explain the scientific concept behind the correct answer and why it is a better choice than the original incorrect choice. 
    6. Staple corrections TO THE FRONT of the quiz. Turn in DIRECTLY to Mr. Camacho 
    If you have any questions, please let me know.