•  Classroom Expectations

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    1.    Students will be expected to follow all rules and procedures for this class!
    2.    When you come to class, check the board for any assignments or instructions and begin work.
    3.    Assignments must be turned in the day they are due.

    Homework is due at the beginning of the period when called for by the teacher.  Homework is always due the next class period unless otherwise stated.

    Late Work
    Late work is accepted the next day with a penalty of 30 points. A student may have only ONE occurrence of late work in a nine week grading period.  The next 2 subsequent late assignments from the student will result in a grade of a 0 on the assignment.

    Make-up Work and Incomplete Work Due to Absences
    Students are permitted to complete make up work, tests and projects due in any class missed because of an absence. It is the student’s responsibility to check with teachers concerning make-up work when he/she returns after an absence. Students who are absent have a period equivalent to the number of days missed to complete make-up assignments. Please note that one day’s absence does not necessarily excuse students from the responsibility of pre-assigned work or tests on the day of their return. Students should always refer to teacher pages on the school website (www.sunnyvaleisd.com ) to stay current with class assignments and work.
    Notebooks should be kept in a three ring binder.  All work, handouts, notes, tests, quizzes, etc. for the class should be included in the notebook and kept in an organized fashion.  The teacher reserves the right to check these notebooks at any time during the nine weeks. 

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