• Discipline Management Plan

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    To achieve the best learning environment for all students, I will implement a discipline plan which will be used in both the classroom and lab.  The purpose of this plan is to help students understand the conduct expectations that apply in the classroom and lab.  Following a verbal warning, the teacher will issue a disciplinary detention for the following offenses (major offenses shall result in a direct referral to the principal):


    1. Failure to bring necessary materials to class.
    2. Failure to turn in assignments (students may turn in 1 late assignment for a 70 each nine week grading period; each subsequent late assignment will result in a 50.  A 4th late assignment will result in a 0.)
    3. Failure to follow instructions.
    4. Speaking out or leaving seat without permission.
    5. Discourteous or disrespectful behavior.
    6. Bringing food, gum, or drink into the classroom or lab.
    7. Not following lab procedures.
    8. Running, rough-housing, playing with lab equipment or visiting other lab groups during an assigned lab experiment.   


     The teacher will ensure that students understand these classroom/lab rules.  Students will be provided a copy of the rules to keep in their binders and the rules will be posted the classroom.




    When a student receives a detention, parents will be notified and an after school detention will be assigned.  The detention will be scheduled on Tuesday afternoons from 3:25 until 4:00.   If a student does not report for their assigned detention, they will be referred to the principal for disciplinary action.  Parents will be contacted each time a detention is issued (contact will be made via detention form and email or phone call home.)  


     Positive Reinforcement
         Positive reinforcement procedures will be used to encourage, support and empower students to achieve positive outcomes in the classroom and school.