• 8th Grade Summer Reading Introduction Letter:

    Dear Students,

    Summer is a great time for you to practice what you have learned throughout the school year.  There is no better activity for you than to engage in reading for enjoyment. Not only will you discover the joy of being lost in a book, you will practice the many skills and strategies you have learned all year.

    Teachers and other educators identify summer learning loss as a major challenge when starting off the new school year.  However, students who read over the summer return to school ready to continue their learning with little or no learning loss.   

    The District expects every student to read at least two books this summer and to return to school in August prepared to tell a friend about the books you read over the summer.  

    To encourage students to read, we have developed a variety of incentives designed to entice young readers. Parents are being asked to donate gift cards that will be given out as prizes next year.  For every book that you read, you will be entered into a drawing, up to ten entries each. Books should be within one grade level of 8th grade, so no books below the 7th grade level, please.  Here (Book Log) is a reading log for you to record your progress.  A parent must sign proving that you read the book. Be ready to discuss them in class next year.

    Summer reading is meant to be enjoyable and we do not want students to have to struggle; we want reading to be fun and relaxing. For a list of suggested books, please google summer reading lists for 7th and 8th readers.  Also, you can log on to the Sunnyvale library website and read electronic books too.  The important thing is that students read, read, read!


    Laura Fitzgerald

    Angela Henderson