SISD Implements New Security Protocols

  • SISD has taken proactive steps to enhance safety and security protocols at all campuses.

    “The safety and security of our students is our highest priority,” Superintendent Doug Williams said. “Before we address curriculum, personnel, or technology, our number one objective is do everything we possibly can to provide the safest environment for the students of Sunnyvale.”

    While Sunnyvale has always been a safe and family-oriented community, the rash of school shootings across the nation last spring led SISD leadership to examine all campus security procedures.

    A “security task force” was established by the Board of Trustees to evaluate the district’s safety practices and procedures, including security features of our facilities. The team consists of faculty and staff members, parents and community members with either law enforcement or security backgrounds, and local enforcement officers. Following a period of evaluations, and observations at SISD campuses, the team reported their findings and recommendations to SISD leadership.

    The recommendations, which will take place beginning this fall, include:

    • A second buzz-in entry will be added at each campus to all interior entrance doors.

    • The district camera system are now web-based, ensuring instant access to not only the SISD administration command center, but to the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office, as well.

    • All interior classroom doors will now automatically lock.

    • Campus personnel received a hands-on, scenario-based “active shooter” training over the summer, in partnership with the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office.

    • Revised security procedures for all classrooms will be implemented, to encourage a unified and simplistic use of security terms.

    • The SMS innovative learning expansion will feature added security enhancements.

    • Office personnel at each campus will participate in training for updated security procedures.

    • All faculty and staff will be required to wear identification badges.

    • All SHS students will be required to wear badges.

    “We appreciate all that have contributed to this process and are confident that we have enhanced the security for our campuses,” Williams said. 

    How Can Parents Support SISD’s Security Efforts?

    Creating a secure and safe environment is a team effort. Parents can help make SISD safer by doing the following:

    • Please be patient as we adapt to a new, more secure entrance system at each campus. As our front office get to know our new parents, this process will become much faster.

    • Please report any suspicious activity. You may make these reports to the building principals or to me directly. Many eyes are better than a few. You may also send anonymous tips through our SISD Tip Line by downloading the SISD App. Please encourage our students to do the same.

    • Please let campus personnel know if you are aware of any situations that might be a security risk. These tips will be used to investigate potential problems and kept confidential.

    Please download and review the  SISD Emergency Communications Plan - Parent Guidelines