Sunnyvale Alumni Association Honors Wanda and Charles Gardner With First-Ever Sunnyvale Legacy Award

  • Charles and Wanda Gardner The Sunnyvale Alumni Association has named Charles and Wanda Gardner the first-ever recipients of the Sunnyvale Legacy Award.

    “I can think of no one better to receive the first-ever Legacy Award than the Gardners," Sunnyvale Alumni Association President Codie Stidham Lunt said. "Mrs. Gardner was always the glue that held Sunnyvale together and it's fitting that we honor her and Charles."

    Wanda Gardner began her career in Sunnyvale in 1967, where she served in a variety roles. In those days, Sunnyvale was a very small school, meaning that Mrs.Gardner “wore many hats”.  Her duties included from school secretary, front office receptionist, bookkeeper and more.

    Over the years, Mrs. Gardner worked for seven superintendents of SISD. However, it was for beloved, long-time superintendent Gwinn Blankenship that she worked the longest - 24 years.

    Charles Gardner joined SISD part-time in 1995, after retiring as the Head of Maintenance for Gaston Hospital, and then Baylor Hospital, which ultimately merged. He continues his service to SISD currently.

    The Legacy Award was designed by the Alumni Association as a way to honor members of the SISD faculty and staff who played a significant role in their educations.

    “It’s important to honor the special faculty and staff members who who made such an important impression on those of us who grew up Sunnyvale,” alumna Emily Tidwell White said. “Not only is it the very least we can do after all they did for us, but it’s a great way to model respect for the current students of Sunnyvale.”