• High School Project Activity

    The HSP needs to be an activity that the student has an interest in but has NOT already participated in prior to the project. The HSP committee will be leading the students to participate in an activity that achieves a true learning stretch while completing!

    HSP Examples: 
    • A physical product: painting, scientific model, fashion outfit, computer program, rebuilt engine 
    • A written product: short story, book of poetry, novelette, newspaper articles 
    • A performance: dance or singing recital, theatrical production, video creation, produce a fashion show 
    • A teaching or leadership experience: teach junior high health classes about teen alcoholism, coach a junior basketball team 
    • A physical experience: learn to scuba dive, run a marathon, start a fitness program 
    • A career-related project: investigate a career by working in the field with someone who is currently employed in the area and produce a document related to that field (brochure, guide, pamphlet, video) 
    • A technology project: develop a home page on the World Wide Web, create a video game, build a robot, draw blueprints

    See next tab for a listing of possible HSP ideas.