• The Virtual Portfolio - (all documents will be included in shared folder on Google Docs)

    PDF - Portfolio Requirements

    A virtual portfolio will be compiled that includes all paperwork along the way, poster as a front cover and verification (pictures, letters, receipts, documents) of project.


    The purpose of the portfolio is to demonstrate the student’s learning and self-discovery from the High School Project. Before presenting to the Senior Board judges, they will preview the virtual portfolio that has been prepared for them. This portfolio is a compilation of assignments done for the High School Project throughout the year and will provide a “sneak preview” of who the student is, what they did for their High School Project and what skills and learning they acquired. Based upon this initial introduction, the judges can then ask related questions during the question and answer period of the Senior Boards. Remember, the portfolio will give the judges a first impression of your work, and first impressions do count.


    There are 8 required pieces for your portfolio. The most common form for a portfolio is a binder or report cover. It should include all the required documents. It may contain dividers. However, a portfolio is a personalized document and may take many different forms. No matter how it is assembled, it must contain ALL the required documents in the order specified in your Senior Portfolio Checklist. Feel free to add creative touches or enhancements that address the topic and reflect your personality.  Dividers are suggested to help organize the portfolio.


    1. Cover Page Poster - 8 ½” x 11” 
    2. Letter to the Senior Board Judges - typed - Letter to the judges is an informal letter of introduction. It gives the student the opportunity to tell the judges something about themselves. Follow the format for the Letter of Intent but the contents should be like a personal letter.  Leave out the address to the High School Project Advisor and address to the High School Project Judges. It is important for the judges to know any challenges or successes experienced. Some students have included academic achievements, sports, extra-curricular activities, family background, and future goals. This letter is an extremely important part of the portfolio.
    3. Letter of Intent - written at the beginning of the year. Clean copy with all corrections made.
    4. Research Paper or Informational Brochure - Completed, clean copy of paper with the Works Cited page included or Informational Brochure.
    5. Mentor Bio - includes picture with mentor, along with qualifications to be mentor
    6. Mentor Log - includes documented meetings with mentor
    7. Mentor Evaluation/Verification - will be sent directly to mentor email and returned to High School Project Coordinator. Evaluation will be uploaded to student's virtual binder.
    8. Student Activity Log
    9. Self-Evaluation
    10. Enhanced Contents - any documentation that backs up the project - emails, receipts, pictures, etc.