A formal 8-10 minute presentation that will be given to a board of judges – High School Project Boards. (16-20 minutes for group of 2)

    Oral Presentation


    The Oral Presentation is where you present your High School Project to a High School Project Presentation Board to demonstrate what you have learned and how you have grown. It is evaluated on both content and style. You will have 20 minutes for your presentation: 4 minutes for set-up, 10 minutes for the presentation itself, and 4 minutes for clean-up. Your presentation will be a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 10 minutes.


    The presentations will be April 28  and April 30. You will receive the time and date for your presentation by April 20. If you have any limitations on the time or date you can do your presentation, a Special Date Request form will be available online and must be submitted no later than April 13 to the High School Project coordinator. All requests will be accommodated as much as possible.


    There will be at least 3-5 judges on your High School Project Presentation Board. The judges are community members and other professionals from the DFW area.

    Special Needs

    If you have any special needs such as:

    • Time and Date
    • Equipment: TV/VCR/DVD, overhead projector, computer, LCD projector, SmartBoard
    • Location: Library, Computer Lab, Chemistry/Physics lab, Ag Lab, Consumer Science lab, Cafetorium, Band Hall
    • Bilingual Board

    You can request any of the above on the Special Request form that will be available from your Senior Advisor and must be turned in no later than March 16. If you fail to turn in the request by the due date, we will not be able to accommodate your request. Make request as early as possible!


    • Dress professionally or thematically.
    • Have some form of visual aid, whether it is a poster, or materials you bring in or
    • a PowerPoint presentation or video.
    • Be organized and prepared for your presentation. Check out your equipment ahead of time to make sure you know how to set it up once your presentation comes.


    All Senior Board members will evaluate your presentation using the Oral Presentation Rubric. The scores from all Board members will be averaged to determine your score on the Oral Presentation. You will receive these rubrics in your advisory once all presentations have been completed and the scores have been recorded.

    Tips for Success

    • Practice, Practice, practice – give your speech to others and receive feedback. Also practice in front of a mirror. Fear of public speaking is overcome with practice. There will be a committee of teachers available for you to practice your speech in front of and to receive feedback.
    • Shape and refine your speech. A practice speech will be required during advisory. o Plan use of support materials to help take focus off you (visuals such as poster,PowerPoint, video.)
    • If using cards, keep them simple. Perhaps a chart with an outline is a good alternative.
    • Do not read your presentation from cards or a piece of paper.
    • Arrive in plenty of time to be as relaxed beforehand as possible.
    • Look for a friendly face in the audience and start addressing your speech to him or her.
    • Familiarize yourself with the presentation rubric, as it will be used to evaluate your Board presentation.
    • Begin with an attention getting opening. Some attention grabbers:
      • Visual aids
      • Stories
      • Anecdote
      • Rhetorical question(s)
      • Short narrative
    • Clothing appropriate to your topic (example: surgical scrubs for shadowing a nurse)

    Use of visual aids

    • A visual aid such as video clips or PowerPoint needs to correspond to your topic. Be sure to edit it and keep it short and concise.
    • Be sure to set up beforehand
    • Familiarize yourself with the use of equipment. Double-check your location.
    • Rehearse using the equipment that is in your room. They may change depending
    • on the room.
    • Your speech should be planned around your use of visuals. For example, if you are using slides, you may show a few between each part of your speech or show them all while talking about your activity. For video clips, decide where to place them relative to your speech.
    • If your props are hard to see, you may need to pass them around. Plan ahead. o If you are using a poster in your presentation, do not stand in front of it.
    • When you write on the board, use large print and move to the side.