Formally indicate your High School Project topic and your understanding of the consequences of plagiarism. It must be approved and signed by Mrs. Tolleson.

    Students will sign up for an individual/group mandatory meeting with Mrs. Tolleson during the period of October 3 - October 7 to discuss personal plans for their HSP.  Letter of Intent is due on Friday, October 28, 2022 in order to continue with HSP.
    Letter of Intent will be reviewed and returned to you by Monday, November 7, 2021.  
    Letter of Intent Formatting Instructions: 
    • One inch top, bottom, left, right margins 
    • 12 point Times New Roman font  - Single space within paragraphs 
    • Double space between paragraphs 
    • Follow the formatting outline given on the attached page (see below)
    • Keep your letter to one page 
    • Be sure to include the lines for your Senior Advisor and the Topic Proposal committee to approve your topic. These must be on the same page as the letter.  
      Ask Mrs. Tolleson if you need any help with formatting the letter.

    Click here to download Letter of Intent Template