• Self-Evaluation

    PDF - Self-Evaluation

    The purpose of this component is to provide a structure for reflection. This is an extremely important part to any learning process. A part of this process is wondering what might have been done differently. If anything, to produce a better result. It will be evaluated on depth of thought. The following questions need to be completed by typing in question and complete answer or in organized paragraph form.

    Questions to Answer:

    1. What was your research topic for your paper or informational brochure?
    2. What was your physical activity?
    3. Did your topic or activity evolve? Explain.
    4. Did you make any useful or unexpected discoveries? Explain.
    5. How did your research paper or informational brochure connect to your activity?
    6. Did your position change as a result of your research?
    7. Time Management is a critical skill in the High School Project.  Discuss your time management.
      1. How much time did you spend preparing your research paper or informational brochure?
      2. How much time did you spend completing your physical product?
      3. Did you use a timeline to keep yourself on track?
      4. What would you have done differently if you had to do your High School Project over again?
      5. As you have completed your virtual portfolio and as you are preparing for your presentation, what can you do to better prepare yourself for the final presentation?
    8. What were some of the difficult parts of the High School Project? How did you deal with them?
    9. Write down any final thoughts, ideas or reflections on either the product or the process you used in creating your High School Project.
    10. Share what you learned about yourself as you completed this project and how you grew as a person. Share what you learned about your project and your overall “learning stretch.”