• Instructions for creating poster on Canva.com - Follow steps 1-5 using 8.5" x 11" for size


    Guidelines for HSP Poster by Virtual Binder:

    1. Create on Canva.com an 8.5" x 11" to insert in portfolio binder.
    2. Use bold, large font.  Lettering should be visible from 3 feet away.
    3. All lettering should be neat, finished and checked for errors.

    Content for HSP Poster:

    1. Name - large font so name will pop out. (Name of partner may be included in a smaller font if working with someone.)
    2. High School Project with year - Example: High School Project 2021 - use a smaller and different font
    3. Recent picture of student
    4. 2-3 pictures or graphics that provide information about your project
    5. Project Title
    6. Important Findings
    7. Senior Advisor's name - in small print

    PDF - Poster Guidelines

    Example of High School Project Poster

    HSP Poster Example