PDF - HSP Mentor Information Sheet

    Each student participating the the High School Project is required to complete a contract with their mentor BEFORE starting the HSP.

    Student/Mentor are agreeing to the following:
    1. Student will be required to have a mentor that has knowledge and experience in his/her topic who can provide support and guidance to your son/daughter.
    2. Selected mentor must be at least 21 years or older who has a minimum of 3 years expertise and experience in the topic your child has chosen.
    3. The mentor can answer questions, provide guidance, provide encouragement and motivation, give information on how to access resources, help develop relevant research topics and research questions, provide "how to" information and general support.
    4. Student is required to meet with mentor a MINIMUM of 4 times throughout the project and keep a Mentor Log that both student AND mentor sign-off on after each meeting.
    5. Student's mentor CANNOT be a parent or relative of your child.
    6. Student may select more that one mentor. If more than one mentor is selected, contract form will need to be completed for each mentor.
    7. Mentors do not have to live in the community but it has been found that it works much easier if they live close by. The mentor needs to see the product at its various stages and this would be difficult with a distant relationship. The mentor must evaluate the student's final product. However, in today's highly connected would, mentors and students may find a way to have a meaningful student/mentor meeting online.