PDF - HSP Mentor Log Guidelines

    PDF - HSP Mentor Log Blank Form

    Each student participating in the High School Project is required to keep a MENTOR LOG to track specific dates and time that student and mentor meet.

    1. Include the date of the meeting.
    2. Include the time spent together during meeting.
    3. Include a brief description of meeting, such as what was discussed, mentor input, evaluation of project, etc.
    4. Completed Mentor Log WILL BE required with signature from mentor in order to present and complete the project.

     Name of Student  _________________________________________________________

    Date of Meeting w/Mentor

    Time Spent During Meeting

    Explanation of Meeting with Mentor

    January 8, 2018

    1.25 hours

    Met with mentor to discuss idea of buying and refurbishing a 1969 Ranger Boat. Mentor gave input on sites to check for purchase and the time and money constraints associated.