• Eighth Grade English




    Students should:

    *  Come prepared with the essential materials

    *  Participate in class

    *  Complete all assignments

    *  Ask for help with ideas not understood

    *  Study for tests

    *  Keep an open mind about new ideas

    *  Have fun




    1)    Lecture/note taking- anything that I write on the board IS important.  It should be copied and referred to as needed.


    2)    Discussion in class is essential when interpreting literature.  Students should listen attentively and participate.


    3)    Essay writing is also mandatory in any English class. Choice of topic will be given for most essays.


    4)    ELU's:  Oral presentation and group work.  We can learn from each other.


    5)    Research:  Every student will be required to research various topics throughout the year.



     Grading Standards


    Daily grades--------55%



    Semester Exams---typically not given


    Late Work:

    See grade level policy. 

    If you are absent, you will have two days  for each day's absence for Eng 8 and one day for Honor's English. It is your responsibility to request your assignments from me.  



    I will be available for tutoring during the R & R period on Monday and Friday. 



     See the 8th grade page.