• Classroom Rules

    1.  Bring appropriate materials to class.
    2.  Eat and drink in the cafeteria.
    3.  Respect others.
    4.  Refrain from disruptive behavior.
    5.  Chew gum elsewhere.

    If you Choose to Break a Rule:

    First Time:  Warning
    Second Time:  Write a list of solutions for the problem (for homework).  Due the next day.
    Third Time:  Receive detention.
    Fourth Time:  Write an action plan and make a phone call to parents.
    Fifth:  Referral to office.

    Severe disruption:  Student sent immediately to office.

    Warnings are canceled every Friday.


    Praise (daily)
    Positive notes home (random)
    Stickers (weekly)
    "10 Point Certificates" (monthly)
    Various other positive perks throughout the year