• To print the Sunnyvale Gifted and Talented Referral Form click here.

    I am referring the following student for placement in the Gifted and Talented (GT) program in Sunnyvale Independent School District.

    Please PRINT the following information:

    Student�s Full Name:________________________Male/Female Year of Graduation________

    Date of Birth:_________________Current Grade:________Current Teacher:________________

    (With whom the student resides)

    Address:________________________________________________Zip Code_______________
    (Where the student resides)

    Parent Phone Number(s): Home:________________________Cell:_______________________

    Parent email address(es):_________________________________________________________

    Please check the title of the person referring this student:

    Teacher Parent
    Other: ___________________________________

    Please read the handout from �High Achiever, Gifted Learner, Creative Thinker� (Szabos, J. (1989). Bright child, gifted learner. Challenge, 34. Good Apple.) and identify (on an attached sheet of paper) any of the characteristics you feel best describe the student and the reasons you are referring this student. The handout can be accessed from the sidebar under Gifted and Talented Referral Form on my webpage.

    Sunnyvale Independent School District has permission to test my child for the Gifted and Talented Program; I give permission for program service if my child is identified for the GT Program.

    _____________________________________________        _____________________________
    Parent/Guardian Signature                                                    Date

    You will be notified in writing of the campus selection committee�s decision regarding program placement. You will be given an opportunity to refuse service at that time. If you have questions or concerns regarding this form, contact the Gifted Specialists at your campus.