Sunnyvale Alumnus Association Names 2019 Alumnus of the Year

  • Brent Fisher

    The Sunnyvale Alumni Association has recently announced Brent Fisher (SJH '81) as the Distinguished Alumnus of the year 2019. Fisher will be acknowledged during homecoming week, where he will act as Grand Marshall of the Homecoming Parade on Sept. 21st and also be recognized at halftime of the Sept. 27th football game.

    "It is important for our students to be able to look at our alumni as role models," Superintendent Doug Williams said. "Brent Fisher is an outstanding educator, father, and servant leader and that's just the type of role model we want for our student body."

     Fisher currently works as the Assistant Principal for Mabank Intermediate School, and has been an educator for 25 years. In addition to his career, Fisher also serves as a deacon for LaPrada Drive Church of Christ in Mesquite.

    "While at Sunnyvale, I learned that everyone can serve," Fisher said. "You don’t have to be in the largest school district, or even have diplomas hanging on the wall. You only have to be humble and strive to show kindness to others."

    Fisher attended school at Sunnyvale Schools from fifth grade through eighth grade. He was involved in the choir and many athletics sports. Not only was Fisher a part of athletics, he was also an important player. He received the Defensive Player of the Year award in eighth grade. Fisher, being a well-rounded student loved being apart of many different types of programs.

    "Getting to be a part of everything, I had the opportunity to participate in everything that Sunnyvale had to offer," Fisher said. "Sometimes in large districts, students feel like a small fish in a big pond. Sunnyvale is the opposite."

    Not only did Fisher strive as a student at Sunnyvale, but he also strives as a teacher, mentor, and friend. Fisher holds on to a principle taught to him by his favorite teacher, Miss Holland.

     “As a teacher, I have always wanted to teach like Miss Holland," he said. "I learned the importance of building relationships from her. She was the example of, 'They don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.'”

    Not only was Sunnyvale a school to Fisher, it was also a home. 

     “Sunnyvale has always had the small town home feeling for my siblings and I," Fisher said. "When I was a senior at Texas Tech University, I met and fell in love with my brother’s 5th grade teacher, Ms. Mooneyham.  This summer we celebrated 29 years of marriage. Sunnyvale School really shaped my desire to come back and raise my sons here.”