Sunnyvale Alumni Association Names Ron and Joy Hounsel the 2019 Legacy Award Recipients


    The SunnyHounsels vale Alumni Association has named Ron and Joy Hounsel the 2019 recipients of the Sunnyvale Legacy Award.
    Mr. and Mrs. Hounsel are the perfect pair to honor for this year’s Legacy Award,” Sunnyvale Alumni Association President Codie Stidham said. “They have dedicated many years and their hearts to serve the community. I am honored to recognize two such deserving members of our Sunnyvale family.”

    Joy Hounsel began her career in Sunnyvale in 1973. During her 36-year career, she taught first, third, fifth and sixth grades, served as the district Gifted and Talented Coordinator and the Odyssey of the Mind Director. Even after her retirement in 2008, Mrs. Hounsel served the district as a tutor for students in the RTI program.

    “Joy was the kind of teacher anyone parent would want for their child,” long-time colleague and former Sunnyvale teacher Jenny Eversole said. “Her loyalty, dedication, and commitment to her students was always evident.  I have personally witnessed the countless hours she put into planning for lessons, learning experiences, and special events for her students. Joy did it all with wisdom, grace, and humor.”

    Ron Hounsel joined SISD in 1971 and quickly became one of the most important and valued members of the Sunnyvale ISD faculty, leaving a lasting impression on hundreds of Sunnyvale students.

    Hounsel, who is known by many for “wearing many hats” in the district, served Sunnyvale ISD for 37 years as a Science teacher, coach, bus driver, principal and Director of Operations for Maintenance and Transportation.

    “Ron Hounsel is the definition of the Sunnyvale Standard,” Superintendent Doug Williams said. “Mr. Hounsel set the standard for what we all strive to be as servant leaders in the Sunnyvale ISD.”

    The Legacy Award was designed by the Alumni Association as a way to honor members of the SISD faculty and staff who played a significant role in their education.

    “As we look back on our years at Sunnyvale ISD, it is our hope that our students were prepared to continue their education, that they developed a love for learning and working together with others, and that they have the skills needed to face challenges throughout their lives,” the Hounsels said. “It has been such a blessing for us to see the paths that many of them have chosen and how God is using them today.”