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    Please refer back to this section regularly for updates from our district as it relates to technology and available resources and for helpful tips and training on accessing and utilizing our many available digital learning tools. If you have any issues as it relates to these tools please utilize the contact form linked on the left side of this page and someone from our technology team will be happy to assist you.

    Getting Help

    Parent Technology FAQ

    Accessing Your Student's Google Account

    In this video we will show you how to get into your student's School District provided Google Account, which is the first step in accessing the many digital learning tools.

    Classlink - The One Stop Shop For All Your Student's Digital Learning Tools

    We are fortunate to have access to a great tool in our district, Classlink, that allows your students to access a single dashboard for all their digital learning tools. There is a guide linked below as well as a video tutorial to help you set up access to this tool for your student at home.

    Classlink Take-home Guide

    What Is Google Classroom and How To Use It

    Google Classroom is an online learning management tool, similar to what many of you have used if you took online courses in college or for training at work. This is what teachers will be utilizing to provide instruction to your students during this time. Below are a start-up guide and video to help you with accessing and navigating Google Classroom.

    Google Classroom Parent Guide