Sunnyvale ISD BYOD Program
  • All Sunnyvale ISD Students Will Have A Device For In-Person And At-Home Learning. If you intend to request a Best Buy Coupon Code You will do that when you complete the Parent Commitment Form that will be sent out in the next few days.

Obtaining A Device

Pre-k Through 2nd Grade Students Will Have A District Provided Device Assigned To Them.

3rd Through 12th Grade Students May Obtain A Device By Choosing One Of The Two Options Below.

Option 1: Bring A Device Already Owned

Students may bring a device that they already own as long as it meets the following minimum requirements.

  • Physical keyboard
  • WiFi Capability
  • Chrome Browser

Option 2: Rent a school owned device. There is a $30 rental fee and you will be subject to the device repair/replacement fee schedule in the event of loss or damage.