Sunnyvale ISD BYOD Program

BYOD Program FAQ

In what year is my student eligible to request a Best Buy Coupon code?

  • Coupon codes are available every 4 years after your first year of eligibility.

    For the 2020-2021 school year all Sunnyvale ISD students in 3rd-12th grade are eligible to request a Best Buy Coupon code. The next time the coupon will be available to the 2020-2021 3rd-12th graders will be in 4 years(2024-2025 School Year).

    In future years, in addition to the students have completed their 4 years, incoming 3rd graders and new enrollees to the district in grades 3rd -12th grade will have an opportunity to apply for a coupon code.

    Remember that each year coupon codes are provided on a first come, first served basis. 

How much is the value of the Best Buy Coupon code?

  • The Best Buy coupon code value is $100.

Can the Best Buy code be applied to any device?

  • The Best Buy device can only be applied towards a pre-selected list of district-approved devices. To view the selected devices for this school year please visit the BYOD Best Buy Devices link on the left side of this page. 

I cannot find these devices on the Best Buy website.

  • As part of this program Best Buy secures inventory for us to ensure there are enough devices for those who request coupon codes. As part of this we get access to Education devices that are not always on the website and will also have our own dedicated store link for purchasing devices and redeeming coupon codes.

My student lost/damaged the device we purchased for them on our own/with the Best Buy coupon. What will the district do?

  • Sunnyvale ISD is not responsible for damage, loss, or theft of devices families purchase for their students either on their own or with the district provided Best Buy Coupon. These devices are the possession of the student and their family. In the event of damage, theft, or loss of one of these student-owned devices, the student is still responsible for having a device for in person and at-home learning. Therefore the family will have to decide to repair or replace the device. You may reach out to the district to discuss renting a device from the district while yours is being repaired or replaced or for the remainder of the year for the $40 rental fee if device inventory is available. 

What is a Chromebook?

  • A Chromebook is a laptop device that runs Chrome OS. Basically what this means is that it only runs the Chrome browser and in order to use the Chromebook you must have a Google account. Fortunately, we are a Google Apps for Education district so each student in Sunnyvale ISD is issued a Google account, even though the email ends in .

    Because Chrome OS is so simple the devices are much more affordable as the hardware requirements are not as high as with a traditional Windows or Mac laptop. This also means they load much faster though as well. 

    Even with this simplistic OS they still do everything a student needs as many programs are web-based now. So students can do everything from access Google Drive and Docs to complete schoolwork all the way to editing videos and photos. 

Are all Chromebooks the same?

  • Chromebooks in each price range are basically the same. However, we have had great experiences with Asus and Lenovo brand Chromebooks.

    As you go up in price range you gain certain features. They are not necessary but may things you want your students to have access to.

    Additional Features(not on all models but generally seen on mid-priced to higher-end models)

    • Touch screen
    • Ability to fold into a tablet
    • More RAM. This is the memory used to run programs. The more RAM the more programs a device can run and the faster it can do it. Since a Chromebook only runs the Chrome browser this is not really necessary.
    • More storage. Your student gets unlimited storage on their school Google account so this is not really a necessary upgrade either. 

I am purchasing a device for my 3rd through 12th grade student. What are some key things I need to look for?

    • Mac/Windows vs. Chromebook
      • If your student just does their coursework, watches videos, and does basic photo and video editing a Chromebook will suffice.
      • If your student is in to video/graphic design, programming, or engineering you will want to consider a Mac or Windows laptop.
    • RAM - This is the memory that a computer uses to launch and run programs. The more RAM the more a computer can do at once as well as doing it all smoother and faster
      • Minimum Ram Requirements
        • Chromebook
          • 4GB RAM
        • Windows/Mac
          • 8G of RAM
          • If your student is in to video/graphic design, programming, or engineering you may want to consider a model with 16G of RAM
    • Solid State Drive(SSD) - If you are buying a Windows or Mac Laptop for you student ensure it has an SSD Hard Drive. We'll save you the technical jargon. Just trust us that this will make your experience with the device exponentially better.
    • Storage Requirements
      • Chromebook
        • Typically they come with 32GB Hard drives but this is not that important as your student will store everything in the cloud on Google Drive and they have unlimited storage there.
      • Windows/Mac
        • Mininum of 128GB
        • If your student is in to video/graphic design, programming, or engineering you may want to consider a model with 256GB or even 500GB of storage
    • Battery Life
      • Ideally you want a minimum of 8 hours
      • If you are purchasing a Windows laptop or Chromebook we encourage you to read the reviews about the battery life to ensure the performance matches the specs in the sales listing.