SISD COVID-19 Protocols

  • SISD is currently operating in the GREEN level.

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SISD Test-Confirmed Cases

SISD Test-Confirmed Cases

SISD 14-Day Running Total

  • SISD May 26

SISD COVID-19 Cases By Campus (cumulative)

  • SES Teachers and Students - 3
  • SIS Teachers and Students - 15
  • SMS Teachers and Students - 24
  • SHS Teachers and Students - 46
  • SISD At-Home - 15

Town Of Sunnyvale Data

  • Information on the Town of Sunnyvale is reported from Dallas County and is updated as available. It is possible that the timing of this data may be reported later than Sunnyvale ISD data - even as much as a week later.

Total Covid Cases - The Town of Sunnyvale (14 Day Totals)

Total Covid Cases - The Town of Sunnyvale

Town of Sunnyvale 14-Day Running Total

  • Town of Sunnyvale May 26