Safety, Rights and Diversity at Sunnyvale ISD

  • Bright Futures Come from Diverse Ideas

  • Sunnyvale ISD is the center of our community and the heart of learning for our children. As such, SISD has a responsibility to advocate for every student and his or her race, culture and background. SISD recognizes that such inclusion must be foundational in all educational settings.

    The Diversity and Inclusion Team has identified three major areas for growth and actionable goals:

    1. District Procedures and Policy (policy review, hiring practices, incident reporting, discipline data review);

    2. Student Learning (student curriculum and programming, student health and wellness, mentoring).
    3. Advocacy, Awareness and Climate (curriculum review, campus/district climate, authentic and history celebrations, advocacy groups and representation); and

    In August, 2021, all SISD faculty and staff participated in training in diversity and inclusion and implicit bias taught by Dr. Brandie Green, Ph.D. - a Sunnyvale parent and professor from the University of Texas - Arlington (also a member of the Diversity and Inclusion team). This type of training will be conducted annually for our faculty going forward.