Physicals for incoming 7th graders and 8th graders (who did not get a physical as a 7th grader), MUST be submitted PRIOR to being able to participate.
    Please go to uil.registermyathlete.com to complete registration.  This must be completed at the beginning of each school year. 
    2000  Football:  7th Grade District Champions
    2001  Football:  8th Grade District Champions
    2001  Football:  7th Grade Undefeated District Champions 
    2006  Football:  8th Grade Undefeated District Champions
    2006  Football:  7th Grade Undefeated District Champions 
    2010  Football:  8th Undefeated District Champions   
    2010  Basketball:  8th Grade District Champions
    2010  Track:  8th Grade District Champions 
    2011  Football:  8th Grade District Champions
    2013  Track:  8th Grade District Champions 
    2014  Football:  7th Grade Undefeated District Champions
    2015  Track:  7th Grade District Champions (Single Meet Point Record 265pts)
    2015  Track:  8th Grade District Champions
    2015  Football:  8th Grade Undefeated District Champions 
    2016  Basketball: 8th Grade A Team Co-District Champions
    2016  Basketball: 8th Grade B Team Undefeated District Champions
    2016  Basketball: 7th Grade A Team Undefeated District Champions 
    2016  Track: 7th Grade District Champions
    2016  Track: 8th Grade District Champions 
    2016  Football: 7th Grade Undefeated District Champions 
    2017  Basketball:  8th Grade B Team District Champions 
    2017  Football:  8th Grade Undefeated District Champions
    2018  Football:  7th Grade District Champions
    2018  Football:  8th Grade Co-District Champions

                 2018 Football Schedule and Results 
     7th Grade Football       8th Grade Football    
     vs. Brownsboro L     vs  Brownsboro        
     vs. Quinlan W       vs  Quinlan  
     vs. Eustace W     vs  Eustace  
     vs. Caddo Mills  W            vs  Caddo Mills  
     vs. Community W       vs  Community  
     vs. Princeton Southard     vs  Princeton Southard  
     vs. Princeton Clark     vs  Princeton Clark W     
     vs. Farmersville     vs  Farmersville