• English Department Chair: Kris Williams

    English Department Vision Statements

    Guiding principles for what we teach:

    We believe:

    -    That setting high fluency standards is worthwhile because all students will benefit from having the ability to communicate correctly and coherently, especially in a written format.

    -      That studying literature from a variety of time periods, genres, and cultures is invaluable in teaching students to think, question, analyze, connect,empathize, and reflect.

    -      That through sharpening effective reading and writing skills, we empower students to find success in every other field of study.

    The Fluency Factor

    The Fluency Factor is a Sunnyvale High School initiative led by the English Department designed to enhance our students' writing and communications skills. Please review the materials below and contact English Department Chair Kris Williams with any questions you may have.

    Presentation Information and Handouts

    Fluency Factor Parent Presentation - for Download
    Fluency Factor Student Handout
    Fluency Factor Glossary

    Evaluation Tools
    Fluency Factor Evaluation Tool
    Six Traits of Writing Evaluation Tool
    Literary Anaylysis Evaluation Tool