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    Project Graduation Planned for Class of 2018

    Sunnyvale High School has joined with high schools across the nation in helping to keep our students safe following graduation by participating in Project Graduation, a nation-wide initiative. This event is affiliated with, and endorsed by, Sunnyvale ISD.The event is entirely coordinated and sponsored by parent volunteers.

    What is Project Graduation?

    Project Graduation began as a statewide initiative in Maine in 1980 in response to seven alcohol related student deaths during the 1979 commencement season in the community of Oxford Hills, Maine. Through community efforts,seniors across the state were given a safe alternative to the traditional graduation night drinking that occurred previously.The event was a huge success and has spread across the nation.

    How is Our Community Taking Part?

    Sunnyvale parents and community members sponsored the first Project Graduation for the Class of 2011. Each graduating class' parent committee has expanded on the foundation they set. This all-night event is slated to occur at Bowl-a-Rama in Rowlett on graduation night. We feel students will embrace the opportunity to make a conscious decision to eliminate alcohol from their graduation celebration. We, as a school district, want to encourage those commitments.

    How Can You Help?

    Make a donation or become a sponsor?  Please click here to read our letter to the community about sponsorship opportunities..

    Project Graduation events are funded with the help of parents, community members, and local businesses. Look for more information about the event in the coming weeks. You will have the opportunity to support Project Graduation and alcohol/drug free celebrating through YOUR donations. 

    The event is entirely coordinated and sponsored by parent volunteers, and endorsed by Sunnyvale ISD.