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    Business Law :
    To define ethics, illustrate ethical issues in business and provide guidelines of making ethical decisions.
    Ethics are important in all types of businesses. This presentation provides the definition of ethics, discusses current ethical issues in today’s business world, explains social responsibilities of businesses and provides guidelines for making ethical decisions. Experts from various organizations share real-world experience and provide advice to conduct business ethically.
    1. To define ethics.
    2. To illustrate contemporary issues of business ethics.
    3. To explain social responsibilities of businesses.
    4. To learn the skills of making ethical decisions

    Money Matters:


    Section 2: Three Basic Reasons to Save Money


    Section 1: Saving: An Exercise of Character

    VIDEO 1.1

    Section 2: Three Basic Reasons to Save Money

    VIDEO 2.1  VIDEO 2.2 .  VIDEO 2.3

    Section 3: The Power of Compound Interest

    VIDEO 3.1
    Virtual Business:
    To gain a basic understanding of e-commerce in business.
    In this presentation, students will be drawn into the innovative field of ecommerce. Students are given a detailed look at the various aspects associated with the ecommerce industry, including the use of online systems such as PayPal® and VeriSign®. Students will become familiar with the jargon and practices used in forming e-commerce and online sales strategies. Additionally, they will learn the value of the Internet in today’s society and the various methods for implementing a website.
    1. To identify the role of e-commerce in the business market.
    2. To describe the advantages of e-tailing and e-commerce.
    3. To identify the opposition and challenges of e-commerce.
    4. To evaluate factors which contribute to successful online sales.


    Projects for the week:

    Business Law:  The Legal System

    Virtual Business:  The 4 P's

    Money Matters:  Life After High School

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