Hola Parents and Students,
    I am looking forward to seeing all my students next week.  Please click on the links for more information about your class or your child's class.
    Parent, please fill out the parent/student form to acknowledge that you and your student have read the information regarding class expectation/ procedures/ grading.
    If you would like to receive reminders for assignments, please subscribe to my Reminder 101.  Be sure to use the correct code for your student's period.

    Remind 101 Codes:(students & parents)

    Text the number 81010, the message for :
    1st period- cg6dg9
    3rd period-bgaa4h
    4th period-hb9937
    9th period-a7e4469
    6th period -(B day) 9bggd
    7th period -(B-day) 827fbd
    8th period -(B-day) 4d69ekb

    Link to Google Classroom Codes: (for students only)


    1st- ouezfuh








    Email teacher.



    Resource from class:

    -Spanish 1 & 2 textbooks are posted on webpage. (Please email me or have your student talk to me to have one checked out.
    -Daily assignments, instructions, worksheets/handouts/reviews can be found on "Spanish 1 assignment" and Spanish 2 assignment" link





    Tutoring Times:


    Monday- Friday (after school)





    Weekly Lesson Plan: (What we are doing this week)


    See link "lesson plan"