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    Kristin Williams
    English II, English II Honors, NHS Adviser, Department Head
    Sunnyvale High School

    E-mail: kristin.williams@sunnyvaleisd.com
    Phone:  (972) 203-4600


     January 14-18

    Tutorial Times: Tuesday and Thursday 3:30-4:00

    (If you have difficulty with the scheduled times, please see Mrs. Williams to plan another time)



    English II (Please check Google Classroom for all needed resources)

    Important Due Dates

    • This week students will finish their research, turn in their final writing, and on Friday present info to the class.
    • Students have their new SAT vocabulary list.
    • Students should be studying Grammar Lesson 13- Apostrophes.

    Honors English II (Please check Google Classroom for all needed resources.

    • Students will finish their ELU and begin Presentations on Friday.
    • Students have their new SAT vocabulary list.


    Information on Reading in English II

    Dear Parents,


    This letter is to give you some information about some things that will be going on  in English class this year.


    There is a great deal of information available regarding the decline of reading in our culture. As teachers we notice it every day as a larger and larger percentage of our students do not read for enjoyment, and often don’t read what is assigned to them.


    There are certainly several factors responsible for this sad reality. One contributor, surely, is the world of social media which  makes entertainment immediately available (think Youtube and Instagram, for example). Hardly any time is needed to watch a quick video, and entire movies are available on the phones we carry in our pockets. Technology, while it brings many benefits, has contributed negative things to our lives as well. However, we cannot turn back the tide of media and its presence.


    So what can we do? One of the main goals of the English Department at SHS is to challenge, encourage, and lead our students not only toward stronger reading skills, but also toward a desire to read. To that end, we will be trying something new this year.


    Based on the research and work of Kelly Gallagher and Penny Kittle, two highly esteemed educators (you can look them up- they’re amazing!), we are implementing the practice of giving our students some independence in their selection of readings. Our hope is that if they can choose topics they enjoy for their reading assignments, they may actually read more. There are three categories of reading assignments that we will be using this year.


    1. Self Select- At times during the year, students may select a book of their choosing. During this kind of assignment, students will journal about their reading and participate in discussions about it.  Assessment and evaluation (and grades) will come from these writings and discussions.


    1. Book Club- At other times, students will have a selection of books to choose from. All students will choose from the list of books.  Students who choose to read the same book will have “book club” discussions and writing assignments. The lists will include books that we have available at the school, but we will also include titles that students may purchase, check out from public libraries, or borrow from someone who owns them. This kind of assignment still provides some independence in student selection, but is a bit more directed. Some teachers may choose themes or topics for book club lists such as biography/memoir, fiction, social issues, etc.


    1. Corporate Reading- There will still be times when the teacher assigns something that everyone will read together. This will look different from class to class, but there are still benefits  to be found in a corporate reading experience.


    We are excited to get started on this year’s journey.  We encourage you to ask your students what they are reading and engage them to have conversations about their reading.  Perhaps you have a book to recommend to your student, one you’ve loved or found interesting. Or maybe you’d like to ask your student for a recommendation.  Our hope is that by the end of this year, our students who already love to read will love it even more, and that our reluctant readers will discover the power that reading can have in their lives.