•  Grading Guidelines
    1. Assignments must be turned in before the bell or they will be counted as late.
    2. Student is responsible for getting any make up work they missed the next day they are at school. The student will then have the same amount of time as the class to make up the work (min. next class). If class was given 2 days to complete assignments then student will have 2 days to do make up work.
    3. Late Work: Late work is accepted for up to a week late for a max grade of a 70 and up to two weeks late for a max grade of a 50. No assignments will be taken that are over two weeks late. 
    4. Students are not allowed cell phones in class. They must be put up in the phone holder. Phones can be turned off or silenced. Any phone not put in phone holder or silenced will be turned into the office.
    5. Students may not have Bluetooth headphones for class. They do not connect to the computers and you will not be allowed to connect to your phone.