Classroom Resources:
    www.theaet.com, texasffa.org, icevonline.com 
    www.theaet.com, Wildlife Management, Science & Technology, www.icevonline.com, 
    www.theaet.com, www.texasffa.org, www.icevonline.com, www.ffa.org, FFA Manual
    www.theaet.com, www.texasffa.org, www.icevonline.com, www.ffa.org
    www.theaet.com, www.icevonline.com, Modern Livestock & Poultry Production 
    www.theaet.com, www.icevonline.com, www.ffa.org, www.texasffa.org


    Tutoring Times:
    Monday & Friday 7:20am-7:50am
    Upcoming Major Assignments: 

    Livestock Selection

    Where have all the quail gone?

    Breed Quizzes

    CDE Presentation

    Cattle Breeds Presentation

    Begining of the Semester Paperwork