“To train and develop the youth of Sunnyvale in such a way as to instill in them a winning attitude through hard work, great character, outstanding sportsmanship, and a desire to succeed both in sports and in life.”

    The SRYSA website is: www.srysa.org  

    This association has been formed to build a tradition of excellence and to instill Sunnyvale Pride in our athletes. We want to give every child that resides in Sunnyvale or attends Sunnyvale ISD an opportunity to participate and play with their classmates and build friendships, trust and camaraderie amongst each other.

    All Sunnyvale Raiders Youth Sports Association coaches will attend coaching clinics that are put on by the varsity coaching staff. They will teach strategy, plays, terminology, and drills that are utilized by the varsity players.

    The sports represented to date are:

    ·      Sunnyvale Track Club

    ·      Sunnyvale Tennis Club

    ·      Sunnyvale Raiders Basketball

    ·      Sunnyvale Raiders Football

    ·      Sunnyvale Raiders Baseball

    ·      Sunnyvale Raiders Softball

    ·      Sunnyvale Raiders Volleyball

    ·      Sunnyvale Raiders Cheerleading

    To make this a successful endeavor, we need Raider athletes to participate. If your child is in Kindergarten through 8th grade and would like to participate on one of the Raider Youth teams, please contact Ronnie McAda at ronniemcada@gmail.com or Gaylia Laird at glaird12@gmail.com